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penguin wearing santa hatWelcome to the site and the home to "The Best Christmas Music Playlist Ever"! It's regular visitors will notice that the site's design has changed again this year. That's because making the site more multi-device friendly is a constant process. And I want you guys to have something else to look forward to. I originally made this site and the free Christmas music player for my family and closest friends. But it was such a hit that I decided to share it with the world! I've had hundreds of thousands of visitors and celebrities alike enjoy this site.

If you like the site then please share it with others! PC (desktop computers) users can use the social media buttons to the right of the screen. Mobile users should have social media sharing buttons along the bottom of the screen. Happy Holidays from me, Tyrrell Eccles, owner of!

Latest Updates (2018)

  • The music player is more accessible to more devices
  • Updated the music playlist with a scroll bar so you can navigate the entiire list of songs!
  • Created random polls so that you can help to improve this site!
  • Created fun Christmas quizzes for you to enjoy and share!
  • Removed the Music Store Page because has discontinued the use of it. (Currently looking for another solution.)

- Mobile Device Users -

The music player below will not start automatically on your mobile device. You will have to press the play button or press on a title from the playlist to play that song.

The Best Christmas music playlist period. No apps, no subscriptions, just music!

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